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A home buyer's checklist infographic.

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Important things to look for when purchasing your new home.


1. Will You Have Enough Space?


Ensure that your new home is large enough to accommodate you, your family, and all your belongings.


2. Which Major Appliances Are Included?


Does your new home come with a built in washer, dryer, and dishwasher? If not, will these be easy to add?


3. How Much Yard Space?


If you’re an outdoors type, will your yard be big enough to accommodate your family and pets? How much maintenance is required?


4. Is There Any Structural Damage?


Cracks in the foundation, ceilings, or walls can indicate movement of the structure and possible damage: so do be on the lookout.


5. Will You Get A Pest Inspection?


Some problems such as termite invasion can’t be seen from the outside; consider a full property and pest inspection.


6. Are The Windows In Working Order?


Inspect windows by opening them; both to check their condition and to make sure they aren’t painted shut.


7. Are All Doors Working?


Assess both interior and exterior doors: opening/shut them, ensure they are level, check their hinges, and look for signs of damage and weathering.


8. Will Your Family Have Enough Wardrobe Space?


The number of wardrobes and their size/condition should all be checked to ensure that everyone in the family is happy.


9. What Is The Condition of The Flooring?


Keep an eagle eye on the general wear and tear of the flooring throughout the house. Carpeting should be more closely inspected for signs of water damage.


10. Are There Dangerous Building Materials?


Ensure that the walls, ceilings and floors don’t contain asbestos. This is a significant health hazard, and is another great reason for a professional inspection.