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Australia's Cheapest Suburbs 2013

If you are looking for a bargain property in Australia, stay away from Sydney. For less than $125,000 you can purchase a property in other suburbs across Australia. RP Date released a list of Australia's most affordable areas, and we have listed the top 10.

Top 10 Most Affordable Suburbs Under $125,000

In the list of the most affordable suburbs, you will notice that there are bargains in Australia that get people into homes for less than $125,000. The areas that made the list were not as close to the city, and many of the areas were developed around mining, but they are an inexpensive choice to consider.

  1. Queenstown, TAS- The average median price for a home in this suburb is just $90,723.

  2. Peterborough, SA- Homes in Peterborough are valued at an estimated $104,071.

  3. Warracknabeal, VIC- This suburb has homes with an estimated median value of $105,864.

  4. Dimboola, VIC- The average price of a home in Dimboola is priced at $104,740.

  5. Coober Pedy, SA- This area has home that are valued under $120,000. The average median price in Coober Pedy is $117,097.

  6. Coleraine, VIC- Coleraine home values are estimated at $117,263.

  7. Hughenden, QLD- A home in the Hughenden area carries a median price of $119,846.

  8. Barraba, NSW- Homes in Barraba are valued at about $121,117.

  9. Coonamble, NSW- The average median home price for a property in the Coonamble area is $121,140.

  10. Casterton, VIC- Casterton finished the Top 10 under $125,000 with home values that average an estimated $123,359.

You may not have heard about many of the areas; RP Data admits they are “off the beaten path.” The list of the Top 25 suburbs under $125,000 prove to buyers that not all the areas affected by mining are experiencing dramatic spikes in the cost of home-ownership.

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