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Online Budgeting Tools

Finance experts recommend tracking your daily spending habits in order to create a workable budget designed to meet your financial goals. Thankfully there are a range of options available to help you get your finances on track – here are just a few.

ASIC’s Money Smart Budget Planner

The Australian Security and Investments Commission’s Money Smart website has an online budget planner which enables you to track your spending, determine if your spending outstrips your income and save the results online. It’s free and simple to use. The site also has downloadable apps to help you track daily spending and stick to your limits and a savings goal calculator which can help you work out how to reach specific financial goals.

Money Help

Money Help, an initiative run by the Victorian Government, is designed to assist users set budgets for saving and getting out of debt. Although their counselling services are only available to Victorians, you can use the online tools anywhere in Australia.

Your lender

Many lenders, including the Commonwealth Bank and HSBC have online budgeting tools available for anyone to use. They’re free and generally easy to use – it’s worth checking to see if your lender offers a similar service.

My Budget

If you’re really stuck and need help from a real person, debt counsellors like My Budget can help. They’ll sit down with you to assess your current financial situation and will work with you to devise a plan to get you debt free as soon as possible.

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anna berry

I would like to find out how I can get the housing loan. I have been working for over 30 years but I don't seem to have enough money at the end of the pay week. when I pay rent electric then not enough money left. I need to get the bank to give me a low interest loan so I can clear my debts then I have a chance to own a house. At the moment I have no chance to get home loan as my name is bad with the creit rating. I need the chance to get out and have a house like some people.

Thank you.