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Six DIY Upgrades to Increase Your Property Value

If you’re looking to put your property on the market, make your home stand out from the other listings with some basic home maintenance and cost-effective DIY improvements. These small but effective improvements could greatly increase your selling price.

1. Creating space: Getting the right balance

Open plan, uncluttered spaces tend to appeal to a wider group of buyers because they offer a wider degree of living options. But before you take a sledgehammer to your internal walls, remember, spaces can lack definition if they’re too open, so it’s important to find the right balance.

And if you do plan on knocking down some walls, get advice from a builder; you don’t want a load bearing wall or one filled with pipes ruining your renovation plans!

2. Make your kitchen rule

Your kitchen is a key communal area of your home. As the practical and functional centre of the home potential buyers are immediately going to be drawn to it.

There’s no need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on upgrading your kitchen. The key thing is to make sure that it appears up-to-date.

3. Get your bathroom looking spick and span

The first step to improving your bathroom is make sure it’s in proper working order, then get it looking up-to-date. As with your kitchen, a bathroom space needs to be functional.

4. Put that green thumb to use

Landscaping is one of the best upgrades to increase the value of a property. A good looking and well maintained garden will allow home buyers to visualise how they plan on spending their time outside the house during the various seasons.

Remember, the state of the garden is often a good indicator of the effort that the owner has put into presenting the property to potential buyers.

For those who live in an apartment, the simple addition of plants in colourful pots could make a significant difference.

5. Light it all up

Lighting fixtures can be expensive, however, upgrading them can have a direct impact on the value of your property. While you might be accustomed to the gloom, buyers prefer a well-lit space so new light could bring extra value to your home.

6. New paint job. New house

One of the cheapest way to renovate your home is by painting it, and unlike electrical work, you can do it yourself.

Before putting paint to brush, get a preview of what colours suit your home by using free apps like Paint My Place or Virtual Wall Painter.

Giving your home a makeover before putting it on the market will cost money, but with considered planning and a DIY approach, you could reap the financial rewards.

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